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How to Choose & Register a Company Name

It is most important to consult with legal or financial (or both) professionals before you lodge a company order if unsure of any aspects of the entity’s setup.If you are not sure what name to give your new company name registration when you register with ASIC, a name is not essential or compulsory. It can be the exclusive company number (ACN) automatically issued by ASIC upon registration. The ACN can be utilised as your company name if you wish, & subsequently can be changed at a future time if the relevant documentation is lodged with ASIC, the only catch being a fee involved to do this.

Once you come up with a name, go to the ASIC website & do a search. If there is already a company registration with the name you want, you will need to choose a different one. If there is an identical business name registered & you are not the business name holder, the same applies & you will have to think up a new one. ASIC also has a restricted list of certain words they do not allow to be used in a company name, listed here:

Bank, Banker, Credit Union/Society Police, Policing

Friendly Society Royal


Guarantee Sir Donald Bradman

Incorporated Trust, Trustee

Made in Australia Stock Exchange

ACNs & who needs one

An Australian Company Number (ACN) is a nine-digit number issued automatically by ASIC when you register a company. You will require an ACN if your business is a company & it MUST be shown on certain documents:

  • Official company notices
  • Letterheads
  • Documents lodged with ASIC
  • Accounting documents
  • Orders for goods & services
  • Receipts -if manually issued

What next?

To register a company, click here [Order Company] complete the easy to follow questions, pay the appropriate fee & you are done.

Your new company’s certificate & ACN are usually emailed to you within the hour.

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