What is a ‘Public Officer’?

Under Australian Taxation Law, every company carrying on business or deriving property income in Australia must, unless specifically exempted, at all times have a Public Officer.
A Public Officer must be appointed within 3 months of the company commencing to carry on business or first deriving income in Australia. The Public Officer must be a natural person of at least 18 years of age and must also be an ‘ordinary resident’ in Australia.
The Public Officer is answerable for everything that is required to be done by the company for tax-related purposes and, if in default, is liable to the same penalties. The Public Officer is not, however, personally liable for payment of tax due by the company.

Do I need to post anything off or lodge anything by hand?

No, not for registering your company. Our system means you can form your company right from your own computer, email us or fax us one of the order forms and we do the rest.

How Do I Pay For The Company?

When you use our service you can pay via several methods:

1. Credit Card: We accept Visa and Master Card (this is done through Westpac Bank).

2. Bank Deposit: Some people prefer to pay via bank deposit. When using this we require the funds to be transferred into our account prior to incorporation.

3. 14 Day Account: If you are an accountant or solicitor and you incorporate on a regular basis then you can take advantage of our account service.

What is the difference between a Director, Secretary and Shareholder?

The directors are responsible for the safe and legal running of the company, the secretary is also liable for the company decisions and generally is appointed by larger firms to look after the paper work of the company. A shareholder get the financial benefits from the company.

What is the value of a share?

For all companies that we incorporate we issue shares at $ 1.00 unless otherwise specified.

Can I form a company with just one person?

Yes you can. A proprietary company can have one director and one shareholder and these can be the same person.

What is a company and how is it structured?

A company is a legal entity made of up directors, secretaries and shareholders. A director is someone responsible for the day to day running of the company. A secretary is someone who is in charge of general company housekeeping duties such as making sure returns are filed on time, notifying when addresses change etc. A shareholder is someone who owns the company through holding shares.

How long will it take to get the company?

If you want the documents sent to you in the physical form, if you order prior to 2.00pm the binder will be sent Express Post.

You will however receive the ACN and Certificate of registration within 30 minutes – 1 hour of ordering.

What information is needed to incorporate a company?

• Your preferred company name – Click here to see if your name is available
•Registered office Address – Principal Place of Business of the company
• Occupier (if relevant)
• Officeholder
Details – Full Name (no initials) of Officeholder
– Residential Address of Officeholder
– No P.O.Boxes
– Date and Place of Birth
– Shareholder Details
– Full Name (no initials) of Shareholder
– Residential Address
– How many shares, what the nominal value is of each share and class of share

If you have any questions on these for your company incorporation please call us on 1800 81 77 82.

What is included in the Company?

When you register a new company you receive the following:
• All ASIC documents prepared
• Consent to act as a director
• Consent to act as a Secretary
• Coated tabbed index
• The constitution
• Fully indexed minutes
• Share certificates per share allocation

All of the above is inclusive in the price.

If you order the company with a Company Register you will also receive the information in a highly presentable folder (Company Register) and free overnight Australia wide delivery. You also receive 2 copies of the constitution with a pdf available if required. The additional copies are used to open bank accounts etc.

For more information on incorporating companies in Australia or to order your company go to Register Companies.