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For Allan’s to register a company for you with ASIC, it will cost $622 at a minimum. This fee is for an email version company, where all documents are delivered by email in a secure PDF, with a direct deposit into our bank account.

If you prefer a hard copy of all documents, in which we print them for you, then include in a register & express post to you, this fee is $729 as a direct deposit into our bank account. For an email version company, paid by credit card, the cost is $634 & printed register documents express posted & paid by credit card, the cost is $743.

Please note this section only applies to companies that have been registered. If your application was rejected you may edit your order through our website and resubmit it.

Once registered all dealings are done directly with ASIC. ASIC provides a number of forms for the ongoing compliance of registered companies which are available on the ASIC website. Forms can be lodged over the counter at your nearest ASIC office, by posting the completed form to ASIC, or by lodging online.

To lodge online you will need your corporate key. This is sent to your registered office by ASIC upon registration. When you have this key you can go to their website register and log in to lodge forms.

Types of mistake include:

  • Incorrect Company Name
    Even if you have only made a typing mistake you will need to lodge a form 205a which ASIC currently charges fees.
  • Incorrect personal details
    For example you entered someone’s birthday incorrectly. In this case you can most likely lodge a form 492.
  • Missing director/shareholder etc
    For example you incorrectly added or missed a director or incorrectly allocated shares. You will most likely need to lodge a form 484.

Once you have confirmation from ASIC that a form 492 has been lodged you can let our office know and we can reissue your documentation if needed.

For the register documents to be sent to you in physical form, we would need to receive your order prior to 2.00pm for the binder to be sent that afternoon by Express Post. You will however receive the ACN and Certificate of registration within 30 minutes – 1 hour of ordering. For an email version company the secure PDF of all documents would be emailed to you within the same timeframe of 30 minutes to one hour once the order is received.

  • A company name, check here for name availability
  • A registered office address (ASIC does not allow post office boxes)
  • A principal place of business address
  • Full name, residential address (once again, no post office boxes), & date & place of birth of director/s, & what roles they will undertake (secretary/public officer/chairperson)
  • Full name & residential address of shareholders (also known as members)
  • What type, how many & value of shares (our default position for shares is ORDINARY type with a value of $1/share,
    unless otherwise stated)

No. ASIC do not allow obscene or offensive words, nor can you have a company name identical to an existing name.

ASIC also have a restricted word list. These words include bank, banker, banking, credit union/society, building society, friendly society, GST, guarantee, incorporated, made in Australia, police, policing, Royal, RSL, Sir Don Bradman, Starr Bowkett, stock exchange, trust or trustee. For these words to be used in a company title, ministerial approval is required & an application fee of $1217 for the consideration payable to ASIC. This does not guarantee that the approval will be granted.

If you are the holder of the existing business name, you can register the same company name if you wish. However, once you have received your A.C.N. for the company, you will need to apply for a new A.B.N. as the company is a
whole new entity.

Once you have received your new company’s A.C.N., you can apply for the company’s A.B.N. (and TFN & GST registration) at this government/abr website – You will receive an 11 digit A.B.N., which is your new company’s 9 digit A.C.N. with two digits preceding it.

If you are forming a proprietary company limited by shares (i.e. a ‘Pty Ltd’ company), the same person may be the company’s –

  • sole member – i.e. shareholder or owner; and
  • sole director

A proprietary company limited by shares is the most common type of company and almost always used for the
conduct of small and medium sized businesses which choose to operate as a company.

ASIC do not allow post office boxes for company addresses, nor director / member addresses. Physical addresses are required on all occasions.

Yes it can. We would need to have the full details of the Trustee of the trust. If a company, it’s A.C.N. & full address, or if a person, their full address. The Trustee would be listed as the non-beneficial holder of any shares, holding on behalf of the trust.

  • Copy of the form 201 – Application for Registration as an Australian company, already lodged with ASIC
  • Company Certificate featuring the new company’s A.C.N.
  • Director’s/Secretary’s Consent to Act
  • Directors Minutes
  • Members Minutes
  • Members Register
  • Members Allotment Journal
  • Members Application for Shares
  • Members Share Certificate/s
  • Share Transfer Journal
  • Register of Charges & Options
  • Loan Agreement
  • Constitution (in duplicate if ordering a Register version)

We can provide a common seal if you want one, although this entails an extra charge & companies are no longer required to have them – section 123(1) of the Corporations Act 2001. If you opt for one it will be posted to the address provided on your order form within 5-8 business days.

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