Trust Funds

The role of trusts in business and family structures is common.

The critical elements of any trust structure include “Planning”, “Distribution”, “Taxation Consequences’ and “Estate Planning”, principally for the purpose of maximizing taxation efficiency. It is therefore essential that the use of a trust is carefully thought through in consultation with a competent advisor.

What is a trust?

A Trust basically entails equitable obligations imposed on a person (trustee) to legally hold and deal with property for the benefit of other people (beneficiaries). A Family Trust Australia, unlike a corporation, is not recognized in law as a separate legal entity. The respective rights and duties of the Trustee and Beneficiaries are usually set out in the Deed evidencing the Trust.

30 Day Account:

Approved accounting & legal firms can also take advantage of Allan’s 30 day account. The price to register a new trust on the account is $258

Trust Funds

Includes Minutes, Trust Deed & 3 bound copies of the Deed included in a Fund Register


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