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Bare Trust from $475

You can use AIS to create your SMSF borrowing (or “limited recourse borrowing”) documents. AIS offers different packages depending on whether:

  • the lender is a bank; or
  • the lender is a related party of the SMSF’s trustee(s) or is a third party (but not a bank).

Creating your SMSF borrowing documents through AIS is easy. Once you answer the question interface, you will immediately receive a link to download your documents including your Declaration of Custody Trust (sometimes called a bare trust set up). It takes about 10 minutes. Legal sign-off: All AIS master documents are written in plain language and are signed-off by our lawyers at Blundell Madigan. + Your 2nd, 3rd etc. orders for the same SMSF are:

  • $110 each (inc. GST) for an SMSF with an AIS deed; and
  • $176 each (incl. GST) for an SMSF without an AIS deed.
PDF Bare Trust Order Form

Choose this option in order to register your new bare trust using a PDF order form. Once you complete the form, please email it back to us at

Download the Bare Trust Order Form

Online Bare Trust Order Form
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